Electrical work for student housing in Hatfield

Landlords take note: Electrical work for student housing in Hatfield

Since 1992, when the old Hatfield Polytechnic became the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield has become a predominantly student occupied town. The University in Hatfield has encouraged a massive influx of people seeking a further education to degree level and beyond.

When this number of people move into a town, it is only natural for a fair proportion of the population to sell their homes to investors, thus giving rise to the multi occupancy of former family homes. These homes will be legally required to have their electrical supplies, fixtures and fittings maintained professionally.

Information for Hatfield landlords

Should you be the landlord of student accommodation in Hatfield, you will have a legal responsibility to make certain that electrical goods are installed and provided safely at the start of a tenancy and maintained throughout the entire rental period.

We have attended a few properties in Hatfield where the electrical wires, plugs and sometimes the appliances themselves were in desperate need of replacing. All too often, students are preoccupied with their studies and socialising to worry about a frayed cable or a cracked plug, so it is vital that the landlord ensures the safety of all electrical appliances within the property.

Hopefully the students will report any potentially dangerous electrical installations to the landlord too, but sadly this is not always the case. Faults are all too often left until it's too late and an electric shock or fire happens. All this can be avoided by ensuring your rented property has an electrical health check by a professional electrician like I & B Electrical.

In order to know whether your tenants electrical equipment is safe it has to be assessed professionally. Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive states that a risk based approach should be used, which considers the type of equipment and how it is being used. This essentially means that items that are regularly used and moved often, such as kettles and vacuum cleaners, should be checked more often than static electrical appliances.

If you are a landlord who owns a house with multiple occupants, you have a legal obligation to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This used to be called a Periodic Inspection Report. This will need to be carried out on your property every five years. This doesn't mean that all landlords need to do this, just landlords who rent a property out to multiple occupants. Even so, it would be wise to do so to ensure you are meeting your duty of care with regard to electrical safety.

To ensure electrical items remain safe between these reports, extra assessments should be made. The first thing to do is carry out a basic visual check. This essentially means checking for signs of damage to the electrical item or cables, broken switches and certainly keep an eye open for any scorch marks around sockets. For electrical items that are used on a regular basis, it is sensible to ask us to regularly do a Portable Appliance Test, or PAT, as not all electrical problems can be detected just by conducting a visual check.

PAT testing and electrical installation condition reports should be carried out by a qualified electrician like I & B Electrical. Remember though, not all electricians are qualified to do this, so it is very important to check first.

Sadly the law seems to be rather vague as to what and how often electrical items need to be tested, it is clear however, that landlords have a legal obligation to ensure they are safely provided and safely maintained. PAT testing can form a part of this, although it is not a legal requirement in itself.

Electrical safety for rented student properties in Hatfield

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) on your rented property in Hatfield

If you are in any doubt about an Electrical Installation Condition Report, just ask us to explain and ask us to certify that it covers all the points that should be.

Always remember that it is a legal requirement that all landlords ensure the safety of electrical appliances in their properties. This is particularly important in rented properties in Hatfield with multiple occupants.

Minor Domestic Electrical Installation Works Certificate for you rented property in Hatfield

It is a legal requirement of part P of the Building Regulations that any electrical installation fitted in a room where water is present, such as kitchens or bathrooms, require a minor domestic electrical installation works certificate. An annual inspection of electrical fittings and installations at the end of the tenancy is recommended to ensure that any defects are remedied before a new tenancy period begins.

Electric fuse boxes

Electrical fuse boxes may need to be enclosed by 30 minute rated fire resistant material. Landlords must contact their local authority or fire safety officer to ensure their fuse boxes comply with current legislation and provide the documentation, if appropriate, to the relevant office.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for your rental property in Hatfield

Energy Performance Certificates are a legal requirement for private rentals. The Energy Performance Certificates rates the energy performance of a building. The idea is similar to the energy labels that are stuck to the front of white goods such as fridges, freezers and washing machines.

So if you have a rented property in Hatfield and would like to ensure you comply with the current electrical legislation, call I & B Electrical today for a free, no obligation quote.

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