Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for all businesses and organizations as defined by the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005 and British Standards BS 5266 Part 1: 2005 (Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises).

I&B Electrical specialize in the installation of emergency lighting as well as the maintenance and periodic inspection and testing of existing emergency lighting installations. Our electrical engineers are fully versed in all current regulations regarding emergency lighting.

Emergency Lighting Surveys

We offer a free of charge survey of your existing emergency lighting installation to confirm compliance with the current emergency lighting regulations. Based on our findings we will provide a quotation for any remedial actions that the installation may require.

Emergency Lighting Installations

Whether you require a complete installation, an additional emergency light or a testing facility installed, I&B Electrical can tailor our services to meet your needs. With experience installing one emergency light or hundreds in a new installation, our electrical engineers carry out a first-class professional service.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Emergency egress sign

In addition, I&B Electrical also offer the service of emergency lighting testing. Current regulations stipulate that each emergency light should be visually checked weekly for operation, with actual testing of the emergency lighting being carried out on a monthly basis.

Once a year, your emergency lighting system should be tested for a 3-hour period, as the regulations state a system should operate for a 3-hour period to allow people to evacuate a building in the event of an emergency where the power has failed. This annual test should be carried out by a ‘competent person’ and a periodic inspection and test certificate issued.

Our services include an annual emergency lighting testing contract whereby we carry out all monthly testing on your behalf, or should you prefer to carry out the monthly testing yourselves, a visit once per year to carry out the annual 3-hour test.

As per the legal requirements I&B Electrical will also provide your Company with an Emergency Lighting Logbook which should be updated after each emergency lighting test.

Emergency Lighting Remedial Work

The whole point of an emergency lighting test is to identify areas of your emergency lighting that have failed. I&B Electrical can carry out any remedial work required on your behalf.

When an emergency light fails, it can cause serious Health & Safety issues. A prompt repair to your emergency light is necessary should there become a need for you to use your emergency lighting in the event of a power failure or emergency situation.

Emergency lighting module

An emergency light can fail for many reasons, for example, a lamp or battery failure or possibly due to the age of the fitting. Quite often, an emergency light can be repaired by changing the lamp; emergency module or battery pack, however there may be times where a complete fitting needs to be replaced.

All emergency lighting remedial work carried out will be in accordance with BS5266 Part 1: 2005 and current electrical regulations.

Emergency Lighting Logbook

An emergency lighting logbook is a requirement as stated in the emergency lighting Code of Practice (BS5266 Part 1:2006). An emergency lighting logbook records all details on your emergency lighting installation. It should include details of the electrical contractor who installed your emergency lighting installation and details of the electrical contractor who maintains your emergency lighting installation.

It should also contain technical details such as an emergency lighting design guide and photometric data. Also included should be plans showing the locations of all your emergency lights and details of testing, maintenance and repairs.

Each time a test of the emergency lighting installation is carried out or an emergency light, is repaired, replaced or installed, the emergency lighting logbook should be updated. It may be required should you receive a visit from the HSE or a Fire Officer.

I&B Electrical specialize in Emergency Lighting and our electrical engineers are able to offer specialist advice on how your organization can confirm to the emergency lighting Code of Practice (BS5266 Part 1: 2005) and the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005.