Environmental Lighting Installation

In addition to replacing your existing light fittings, another option is to replace your existing light bulbs with an energy saving alternative, for example, LED bulbs or modern compact fluorescent lamps.

LED bulbs typically run on over 50% less energy than a standard alternative and have a much longer lamp life.

Energy efficient light bulb

LED bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps are available in a wide range of different fitting types and styles, different levels of brightness and colours, exactly as you would find in a standard lamp range.

LED bulbs are becoming a popular choice as they use very little energy and have virtually no heat output. We can also provide lower energy fluorescent tubes that will fit into your existing fluorescent light fittings.

Many of the LED options now available can save up to 95% of the electricity used by standard bulbs, while alternatives to the standard T8 or T12 fluorescent tubes can save as much as 65% off current electricity usage. Our staff is able to over advice tailored to your requirements.