Security Lighting Installation Services

Security Lighting InstallationIn the field of home security, security lighting is usually effective as a preventive measure against burglary, intrusions or other criminal activity on a piece of property. Security lighting will provide detection of intruders, it will deter intruders, and will provide a sense of security and the feeling of safety. Lighting is a component of crime prevention.

A security lighting system acts as a deterrent. It illuminates the criminal, making them feel exposed, insecure and vulnerable. Criminals often look for areas with no lighting (for obvious reasons). Security lighting will not prevent criminal activity but crimes will be far less likely because lighting is an excellent deterrent.

Security lighting should be mounted high and out of reach from vandalism, or protected by wire mesh or other shielding methods.

Multiple lamps of medium power is better than fewer lamps of high power because it will reduce glare (which makes it difficult for an observer to see the area effectively), it will provide more even lighting with fewer zones of shadow, and it will provide redundancy if one lamp bulbs blows out.

It is important to protect the security-lighting wiring and circuit (as well as the lamp itself) to prevent tampering or disabling. Use conduit and bury wiring underground where possible.

It is best to use multiple circuits when installing security lighting in several areas. Obviously then, if one circuit trips out, you still have other live circuits. Check to be sure that the electric meter box is locked as well as the outdoor ‘mains’ circuit breaker box.